Why choose Adventure Playschool?

Adventure Playschool is an Ofsted registered playschool that offers week day sessions between 9am-3pm, term-time for 2-4 year olds.

Adventure Playschool is a small, teacher-led setting in which all learning takes place through play and the outdoors.

The curriculum is centred around the seasons, which gives us flexibility to follow the children’s interests and tailor topics to inspire them.

Throughout the day the children will have access to a range of different play-based activities which they can explore independently or alongside an adult.

Each day we will venture offsite for our outdoor adventure.  Story time is a key part of our day. Each week we select a book to explore in different ways such as including musical instruments, puppets or treasure boxes. 


At Adventure Playschool we offer a number of sessions to suit your needs:

Morning session9am-12pm
Afternoon session12pm-3pm (packed lunch required)
All day9am-3pm


When children enrol, they are assigned a key person and group. The groupings allow us to match adult led activities and group time to the children’s stage of development. It also gives them an opportunity to engage with children of the same school year. 

Hedgehog group

Hedgehogs: aged 2, our toddler children who require a smaller adult ratio.

Owl group

Owls: aged 3, our ‘tweenie’ children that have turned 3 but do not start school in the next academic year.

Fox group

Foxes: age 3-4, children who are our pre-schoolers, children who are starting school the following academic year. 

A Day at Adventure Playschool

9am Welcome and settling of children
Free flow between indoor and
outdoor activities
9.30am Snack bar opens
10.30am Adventure
12.00am Lunch
Free flow between indoor and
outdoor activities
2pm Snack bar opens
2.30pm Story time
3pm Goodbyes 

Adventure Playschool Ltd, company number 12316620
Ofsted Registration Number 2577931